Malvern Health and Fitness Chiropractic
DR Ryan Harrod Tel. 03 8689 7968 Malvern Health and Fitness Chiropractic 1291 Malvern Road
Malvern VIC 3144
Malvern Health and Fitness Chiropractic 1291 Malvern Road
Malvern VIC 3144
Malvern Chiropractor Shows You How Chiropractic Can Reduce Or Eliminate Your Headaches, Neck Pain And Back Pain... Fast And Natural.

A Malvern Family Chiropractor who services patients in: Malvern, Malvern East, Armadale, South Yarra, Prahran, Caulfield, Glen Iris, Ashburton, St Kilda, Toorak, Carnegie, Ashburton, Camberwell, Windsor and even sees patients from as far as Emerald.

Our Chiropractic office is located in the heart of High St, at 1100 High St Armadale with ample parking located directly behind the complex, 50 free parking spaces, (Stuart St car park).

People have a lot of questions when they begin seeking treatment for their health problem, no matter what type of doctor they are seeking. If you've never been to see a chiropractor, you may have even more questions.

My name is Dr. Ryan Harrod and I want to be your Malvern Chiropractor. The primary goal for most new patients that walk through our door is simple;


After the consultation, we get right to work on returning function to ease your symptoms. The next goal is to keep the pain from coming back by firstly repairing plus stabilizing the area and later strengthening the injured area. While I want to make sure you get out of pain as quickly as possible, I also have a better goal:


That's why educating people about how they got this way in the first place and what to do about it so important.

Many of my patients have never been to see a chiropractor before they come in to see me. Some have only a slight idea about what a chiropractor even does. Most have no idea how I could possibly help them with their condition.

Many have already tried several different treatments and still have not achieved their desired result. They still hurt and they are tired of feeling this way.

Can we help? We'll first do a consultation and find out if your problem can likely be helped with chiropractic care. There are many reasons why someone suffers with a condition and we want to make sure that you will be helped with our treatment.



Day Hours
Monday 9:00 am till 7:00pm
Tuesday 9:00 am till 7:00pm
Wednesday 3:00pm till 7:00pm
Thursday 3:00pm till 7:30pm
Friday 9:00 am till 2:00pm
Saturday 9:am till 12:00pm
Outside of clinic hours, Home Visits are available.
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